Are you Ready to Sell?

Selling your home is a difficult decision! Even difficult one is to hire the right agent to sell your home. I have a unique selling proposition for your home and I would love to share that with you! Let's sit down for a chat and talk about your home. 

The Simplified Real Estate Process


Get A Plan

You need a plan to sell the house. A marketing plan, a showing plan, an open house plan and a plan to get the house ready to sell!


Exposure & Media

The most important plan is the marketing plan and exposure is the key to success in this plan. I will ensure that you get the most exposure possible for your home with different platforms and media sources.


First Impressions

First impressions are important. I use a professional photographer and videographer to ensure that your house gets the professional attention it deserves.


Let's find the buyer

I always say, "Do it once and do it right!" I like to really market my properties to ensure they sell fast and for the most money possible, so you can move on to greener pastures!

hand shake

close the deal

Contracts, paperwork, negotiating, liaising with other parties - leave all that to me! You just focus on your next steps and I will take care of the rest. 

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Seller Tip #1


Don't Overprice

Overpricing at the start hurts your chances of getting a quick sale and usually in most cases, price reductions will be needed to generate any interest. It is always recommended to price competitively from the beginning. 

Seller Tip #2



When you are getting your house ready for showings, depersonalize your house. Take down your family pictures, unique decor and declutter the space. Less is better and let buyers imagine themselves in the house. 

Seller Tip #3


Renovate Smart

Spend your renovation budget smartly. Don't over renovate one area  and neglect other areas. Buyers only pay certain amount over for renovated rooms, so use quality materials but stay away from high end finished in average priced neighbourhoods. 

Seller Tip #4


Value of your home

The value of your home is the value that buyers are willing to pay to buy your home. Each buyer therefore has a different value and the purpose of a marketing plan is to attract buyers that are willing to pay the most for your home. 

Seller Tip #5


Stage for showings

Little things make a huge difference when you are getting your house ready for showings. Depersonalize, arrange furniture to provide open layout and space, good lighting, use neutral colors etc. 

Seller Tip #6


Report the Sale to CRA

Starting in 2016, CRA changed its rule on reporting sale of principal residence. Regardless of whether the house sold was principal residence or not, now you must report the sale on page 2 of Schedule 3: Capital Gains (or Losses).

Seller Tip #7


Closing Costs

Closing costs when you are selling a house include commissions to the agent, mortgage penalty costs, lawyer fees, adjustments for taxes and utilities etc. 

Seller Tip #8


Light it up

Maximize the light in your home. After location, good light is the one thing that every buyer cites that they want in a home. Take down the drapes, clean the windows, change the lampshades and do whatever it takes to let in lot on sunshine. 

Seller Tip #9


Empty Drawers & Closets

Half empty your drawers and closets, so buyers can visualize the space with their stuff and goodies. Storage is one of the main concerns for many buyers and you want to ensure that buyers can see lot of closet and storage space. 

Seller Tip #10


Make Full Disclosure

Seller must disclose any information that could potentially change buyer's decision to purchase the property. These disclosures in real estate term are known as latent defects - any hidden defects that cannot be discovered by a thorough inspections. 

Seller Tip #11


Benefits of a Realtor

Market your property, coordinate showings, anticipate questions and answer them advantageously, get your house ready for showings, hold open houses, negotiate, manage offers and guide the sellers until closing.  

Seller Tip #12


Don't Get Offended

Many sellers get offended by low offers and reject the offers right away. Low offers are offers as well that are on the table and can be negotiated to your advantage. Entertain all offers and think objectively and rationally when selling your home. 

Seller Tip #13


Know Your Objective

Sellers have different objectives when it comes to selling their home. Your might want a quick sale or get the most money out of your home. Depending on what your objective is, the pricing strategy will differ. 

Seller Tip #14


Pre-Listing Inspection

Sellers can opt to perform pre-listing inspection and provide the details to prospective buyers. This helps to ensure that there are no surprises if buyers opt to do their own inspection and negotiating there after. 

Seller Tip #15


Don't leave garbage Behind

Don't leave anything behind for buyers on possession day. The legal contract states that nothing will be in the house except the chattels specifically included in the sale. Your Realtor or your lawyer may get a call to remove items not included in the sale. 

Seller Tip #16


First offer is the best offer

Most sellers don't realize but the first offer on the house is usually the best for. The reason for that is because usually the first offer happens at the beginning of listing stage and buyers are aware that sellers have options. 

Seller Tip #17


selling a house

Most important factors in selling a home: Price of a home, Marketing, Flexibility of Showings and Compensation to the co-operating agent. 

Seller Tip #18


Use Air Freshener During Showings

Use freshener with mild scent while your house is on the market to increase your chances of selling your home.