So, I was talking to a friend about running out of ideas for writing posts and he suggested a very cool idea about answering questions about life in the real estate world. What a great idea! He also helped me by sending me these questions, so thank you! You know who you are!

I really hope this provides an insight into my life as a real estate agent  ” I solemnly swear this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

When does your work day start? 

Well, in the world of Real Estate, there is no clear line between work and personal time. It is intertwined, and every single minute is a work day. However, my alarm is set at 7:30am, which I have been trying to set even earlier, but hasn’t happened yet. For a work day, I usually set my first appointment for 11am at the earliest.  Very rarely would I set an appointment before that, as I need my time in the morning to get organized, do some follow ups and have breakfast and tea in peace.

What do you have to do to prepare for the day?

Usually it depends on what kind of appointments I have lined up. If I have showings to do, then I would look at the houses I have to show, do some research on the property, look at the basic information and look at what else is on the market nearby. If it is a listing appointment, the preparation is different. So, the appointments usually dictate the preparation required. For me, I look at my schedule the night before and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead and plan what I need to do mentally, which is an absolute necessity for me to have a most productive day.

What is your schedule like?  Is it pretty much the same every day?

I actually don’t have a schedule, it is different every single day. However, there is usually a rhythm to the day and it varies depending on appointments.

In the morning, I usually drink chai, have breakfast and do some real estate at the same time -checking MLS, doing follow ups, emailing etc.

Afternoon and evening – usually it’s appointments, showings, lunches or an office day to catch up on some paperwork. It all depends on how many clients I am working with at the moment. Also, I am always enrolled in some courses for further education, so I do have to find time here and there to study and prepare for exams.  If my day ends at a reasonable time, I try to go to the gym often or cook or visit my family and Simba! (our dog)

What is eating like as a realtor? Do you ever get to sit down for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

I am the kind of person that loves to sit down and enjoy my food, however as a Realtor, that is difficult to do at times. Eventually, you learn to prioritize and leave gaps in the schedule to be able to eat and enjoy it; but it is definitely difficult. What I find the most challenging is actually eating healthy and eating home cooked meals, but I’m getting better at it every single day.

How many hours a week would you say you are working?

Every single second, minute and hour of the day. I am always answering texts, emails and calls on the go, so a good 16 hours a day — I honestly don’t mind it. To me it doesn’t feel like work, it is part of my business and I am very happy to do it.

 Do bad drivers make you want to hurt people, even just a little?

Haha! Well, sometimes. I find that when I have just the exact amount of time to get somewhere, I tend to have higher tendency for road rage and really notice the bad drivers, but I try to give myself extra 15 mins always, so I don’t have the urge to hurt some people, even just a little! 

What are some very common questions from clients that you think everyone should know the answer to?

Just one fact – Buyers don’t pay for realtors and get a Realtor! We see so many people paying too much for houses and most of the houses listed privately are overpriced!!

Do you ever not work?

Yes, of course! I would go crazy if I did real estate 24/7. It is not sustainable and doesn’t make for a very fun life. I used to feel guilty for taking time off in the beginning but now, I purposely try to book a day off when I realize I need one.

What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them?

I am a very minimalistic person in all aspects other than my wardrobe! My favourite stores to shop at are Winners and RW&Co and I love looking for great buys! I love eating more than cooking and I can chillax like there’s no tomorrow!

Do you ever get any easy sales?  What made them easy?

I think I have had one easy sale so far. It was a client who came to see one of the team listings and showed interest in seeing other properties with me.  We scheduled a few showings few days later and they found their home on the first showing. They were great to deal with, very respectful and absolutely love their home!

What was your most challenging sale and what made it so challenging?

Well, if a client results in a sale, eventually, even if it is one or two years down the road, it is an easy sale. The most challenging sale or no sale is when you spend lot of time helping people and educating them about the industry and they don’t end up buying with you for one reason or another. However, I have realized, it is mostly because people don’t realize that Realtors only get paid when they sell the house. Now, I am very upfront with people in the beginning and don’t give my time away easily if the other party is not committed. Most of the time, my clients are amazing, and they truly appreciate being helped!

What is one thing you want to tell people who are looking to buy or sell?

Your level of success in buying or selling depends on 1) the Realtor you choose and 2) how well you listen to and take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom your Realtor has about the market and houses. If you are not going to listen to your Realtor, there is not much they can do to help you!

What is your favourite part of your day? (for work and for anything else)

My favourite part of the day is having had jam packed day and coming home and watching a movie with some wine and not thinking about anything! By the way, if you are a white wine fan, try Starling Castle Riesling, the best wine I have ever tried!

Do you ever have to deal with unruly clients?

I never had to deal with openly unruly clients but I did let go of few clients because they were unreasonable to the point that I couldn’t help them or they were always late and had no respect for my or seller’s time.

Do you ever feel stressed? How do you deal with the stresses of the job?

Oh yes! Of course, all the time actually. However, if the stress gets too much, I always go back to a saying, “If I can’t control something, there is no point stressing and if I can, I shouldn’t be stressing.” I feel that quote always helps calm me but most of the time, my threshold for stress is pretty high and I can deal with it pretty calmly.

What do you like most about Real Estate?

I love that it doesn’t feel like work, I wake up and sometimes I have a very busy day but at the end of the day, it still doesn’t feel like work. That is what I absolutely love about Real Estate!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little look into my life! If you have your own questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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